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Old and slow ?

The Speed of Thought.   In 1796 Neville Maskelyne, then  Astronomer Royal of Great Britain, sacked  his  assistant David Kinnebrook because his timing of  the moments when stars crossed fixed reference points difered from his own.  Maskelyne is now remembered for his … Continue reading

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Role over?

    Role over ?   The ways in which others size me up are changing.  An urban fox that used to watch me warily from the kitchen roof as I lie in bed now coolly eyes me as potential … Continue reading

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Oh deaf, where is thy sting?

I am half in love with easeful deaf. I am peacefully oblivious while night noises, restaurant clatter and Guy Fawkes fireworks annoy my patient partner. Conversations sometimes take bizarre twists when I answer questions that no one has asked or … Continue reading

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